A word from Pagli

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around very much of late.
As winter approaches, it’s important to get out as much as possible before I enter the annual cat ‘lock-down’ until Spring. I do get out a little even then. I do hope Mr Johnson won’t fine me too much but as long as I don’t meet with more than 5 other cats I should be all right.
I’m afraid my servant has decided that I have to stop going out ‘clubbing’ now the nights are getting darker – though being crepuscular (big word!) I am far better at dawn and dusk than he is!
There is some new housing being built near us at the moment. There are one or two noisy dogs moving in but also I spotted a largish tabby the other day. He looks peaceful enough but you never know.

Anyway, I’ve included a little prayer on behalf of my pussy-cat friends, including the black and white cat who visits me most days (though not one of the cats who live next door – she’s always chasing me!)

I’m sorry that you have had to put up with the blog bits my servant Mr. G has been putting on here and I promise to write more often.
Paws and peace to you from Pagli-ji.


Lord ,
I am the cat.
It is not exactly that I have something to ask you!
I ask nothing of anyone –
if you have by some chance, in some celestial barn,
a little white mouse,
or a saucer of milk,
I know someone who would relish them.
Wouldn’t You like, someday,
to put a curse on the whole race of dogs?
If so, I should say


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