Mother and Child

My friend Kay Gibbons  is an artist. The illustration above is of her sculpture, Mother and Child.

Kay reflects on a connection between her statue and something that happened which deepened her understanding of it. Her reflection hints at the connection between Mary and Jesus but also between a mother and her child.

An incident

“This morning I woke at 4.30am with a start .
The bangle which my youngest son had given me had come undone and the little silver heart had gone . This was so awful ! I searched the bed , under the bed , shook my jumper from the day before, searched the shower, the bath mat.  I went downstairs with my torch shining on the ground hoping to see the heart shine from some dark corner of the floor ! 
Thoughts raced  – I will never be able to hoover again until I found it !
Then I thought. My Tesco delivery came last night ( a very nice gentleman on furlough from BA . He’s a pilot.) I put the bags in the kitchen drawer. I looked and with great joy  was reunited with the silver heart with much rejoicing to St Anthony ! *

Such joy to be united again, a tangible symbol of his love; of a love which only months before was nearly stolen by a very close encounter with death
Such is the joy and bond between a mother and chilSuch is the joy and bond between ourselves and the grace of God seen in his offering of the Son of God through Mary. Such is our bond with each other in the Community of the Church .
Such is the expression of joy when a Mother is reunited with her child and her child reunited with her . Our souls rejoice if we are lost and then found and return to the embrace of the one which gave us life , to share love, laughter and tears.

Today’s incident was not the inspiration behind my Mother and Child but it has in an indirect link. If we always keep our inbox free of clutter – we will see the messages !

Today my inbox was empty and had lots of space for messages from on High ! Even a touch of Handel’s Messiah in the background!
Today I read my messages and it’s fascinating to see how they are echoing into the night !”

You can see more of Kay’s work on Instagram.

*For those who don’t know it, the reference to St. Anthony is because St. Anthony of Padua is the patron Saint of lost things – though he only helps if you have done a very thorough search yourself! He is not to be confused with St Antony of Egypt who, as a Desert Father, lived the life of a hermit and did not have little more than morsels of bread and water.)

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