As Advent approaches…

Nativity by Kay Gibbons

A reflection by my friend Kay Gibbons

If Jesus were to be born today God would have a mighty problem (not that he has trouble with such things! He seems to overcome all sorts!)

Pubs are closed – so, no room at the Inn ? (takeaway pints doesn’t really get round this problem)

Three wise men are only allowed to travel great distances to buy things ( eg eBay purchases) but NOT to offer gifts.

Shepherds have to work from home so can’t travel beyond the field to visit others as they are already in a bubble with their sheep. 

Gatherings of more than 2 people from different houses are only allowed to meet in public places. Or is it 6? Or 8 ? Or maybe 15? 

We can’t have the holy family incurring a £10000 fine because others were overjoyed and wanted to meet up.

Think Angels would be allowed because there are no restrictions on drones in Covid legislation. So anything hovering is permissible,I guess?

So ,

How do we get round this??!!!

We are ALL in the Holy Nativity bubble and the star shines brightly above our heads and in our hearts. The Holy Nativity takes place in all of us, God born as one of us, in us as individuals and as the Church . It is up to us to get on our phones and on social media to let a somewhat disjointed world know about the Holy Nativity during a time of lockdown, of Covid and beyond! I’m sure the annunciation if it were to happen in this time of cyber communication would have been on Zoom,or maybe FaceTime. (But maybe not, God doesn’t necessarily conform – after all, Virgin birth ? Who could have thought that up ? He doesn’t always stick to the norm.)

Maybe not necessarily on our phones and social media. Just sharing the joy of the Holy Nativity in our lives with those we meet daily.

Love Kay

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