Christmas gifts

Pagli writes:

I’ve been very busy lately catching up on my sleep. Though I no longer go ‘clubbing’ as they’ve all closed down because of Covid, I still patrol the steets most evenings. I am a member of Neighbourhood Catwatch though our main watching is of dogs and foxes. It can be very dangerous work.

When I am not out on the streets, I have been turning my attention to Christmas. I have made a very long list of things that I find essential at this time of year. The important things, I’ve found, is to make as big a list as possible knowing that the Servants who look after me are usually prudent (their word) or mean (my word).

I find that they are wise to the fact that items put at the top of the list are not as important or as expensive as those at the bottom of the list. In the past they have worked downwards from the top and they never reach the things I really want. So, this year, I have placed my ‘desirable’ items right in the middle! Clever ploy, I think.

But you mustn’t believe that all I think about is myself.

I have been searching for the ‘purrfect’ gift to give to my servants. Surfing on Amazon I found just the thing! So, I’m sharing it with you so that you can leave the details lying around for your cat to see. I believe there are similar items for dogs, rabbits and parrots but you can imagine that I am less interested in them.

So here it is, the purrfect gift for our slaves to purchase as a reminder of the their need to keep quiet during these cold months.

I look foward to speaking with you again once I have caught up on my sleep.


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