Photos | Piers Northam

These two photos show one of my most cherished possessions. It is a Knitted Nativity which are increasingly popular. This one was knitted by one of my dearest friends, Mary Smith of Whitecapel in Lancashire. She became known to me as Aunty Mary. She was one of those people who are a Godsend to any community. She cared for and served others showing a deep love for their well-being. This love flowed out of the love she received from God. She praised God particularly through singing hymns, many of which formed her theology. She was a very special Lady and to me and others, the ‘best Aunty in the world’.

These knitted figures (and she did a few more for others) have become part of my Christmas. You may notice that in the second photo, you can see the 3 Magi on their journey to pay homage to Jesus at that part of the Christian story on January 6th, which we call the Epiphany – the manifestation or showing forth of the glory of God.
Usually in this particular nativity scene, the 3 wise men are being led by a star and travelling on camels. In my scene they are travelling with a rather fine elephant! And why not!

We are now four days into the Christmas season. We have 36 more days of celebration until we get to the end of Christmas on February 2nd, the feast of Candlemass.


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