On Epiphany Watch

From Pagli, our Sponsor.

You may have been wondering where I have been lately. I haven’t been in touch since I gave advice about Christmas presents you could have got for the cat-lover in your life.

Since then, of course, there’s has been a certain amount of winter hibernation though we cats prefer to call it horizontal theology. In my case, as you see above, it is often more circular theology.

It is now much too cold to visit night clubs so contemplation is much the best way to pass the time. This is all well and good as long as strict instructions are left to one’s servants. Meal times must be observed at all times – that is, breakfast, mid-morning snack, late lunch, early tea, high tea, dinner and supper. There is no need to call us. We have excellent winter hearing.

As I say, in between, I practice Circular theology. You will see from the photograph above what this entails. It requires some slight adjustment in front of the Crib. There are offcially 3 Kings and, by then, no sheep though the farmers are forgetful souls. I was able to move the wayward sheep who promptly fell asleep until Spring. Meanwhile, I was on Epiphany Watch or guard. It may look as if I am sleeping but nothing could be further from the truth. I shall be vigilant at my post (when not eating or sleeping elsewhere) until the official end of the Christmas season on Candlemass which is, as you know, February 2nd.
After which, of course, we shall begin our preparations for Lent but I will speak to you about this nearer the time.

You may notice in the photograph that the Elephant (the artist formally known as Camel) has decided to overwinter chez nous.

Enjoy your winter, stay safe and stay in.


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