Be Thankful

My friend Joyce has sent me another picture ponder.

The words are a famous quotation from the teaching of Meister Eckhart.

Eckhart von Hochheim was born about 1260 and lived until 1320. He was born in Tambach in Germany and was called by God to be theologian, philosopher and mystic. He became a Dominican monk.

In saying that Thank You should be at the heart of our praying he is telling us that it is a way of receiving all the goodness, love and grace which God gives us and the Salvation He brings to us in the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So our Thank You is a turning to God with gratitude. In the power of the Holy Spirit working in our lives,we place ourselves within God’s loving friendship.

This also takes many Christians right to the heart of the Eucharist which is our central act of Thanksgiving (that’s what the word means) which keeps us connected and close to God and, of course, as with the squirrel, fed!

However, and in whatever state we turn towards God; whatever mood, perplexity, uncertainty draws us and, it must also be said, whatever joy and hope and celebration and excitement draws us, if those two words – Thank You – are on our lips and in our soul then it is, as Meister Eckhart says, all we need. It is enough.

The Squirrel is more grateful than it may seem to us! Squirrel’s love to forrage for food but they don’t always seem to show gratitude to us! But I do believe they are very grateful to God. Have you ever watched them chasing around the garden, up and down trees, playing with each other? They are capricious, joyful, and one of life’s great celebrators. That’s why I just know they live close to God and are thankful.

Thank You Joyce for sharing this Picture Ponder with us.

[Mr. G]


Since posting this last night I’ve come across a ‘Thank You’ squirrel so I thought she ought to be included as further proof that squirrels really do know how to say ‘Thank You’

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