Listen to the birdsong in your heart

My friend Joyce Smith has sent me another of her tweets. She reminds us that it is is nearly Spring and the dawn chorus is amazing, but it is also in the silences that we see the wonders of God’s creation.

The little bird is almost camouflaged and to notice it you have to pause and be still. As Joyce reminds us, God’s creation is ablaze with new wonder, new life. Even in the midst of the pandemic we learn new things. We learn to appreciate our surroundings, our neighbours and nature in ways that we never did before. Many lead busy lives and many fail to see the beauty aroud them. Even in the heart of cities and urban sprawl we can see the loveliness of God.

When you are still outwardly you see things. When you are still inwardly, God shows you things about yourself -things within.

Sometimes we become busy in order to avoid looking at ourselves. We crowd out the silence with noise. But if we dare to be still God shows us round the home that is ourselves, the place where Jesus tells us that the Kingdom is. God is keen to show us. He wants us to see how beautiful He has made us. How proud He is of what He has made.

God speaks to us in whispers about what we mean to him. Like the little bird we are beautiful and, of course, God’s more than beautiful and He has lots to tell us. If only we woud be still we shall learn so much. We will enter the Springtime of our hearts, our inner being and as with the Spring outside. Then we could allow ourselves to sing our own kind of birdsong, from our hearts.

[MrG & Joyce]

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