A Collage of Spring

Snowdrops unfurling perhaps? This photo was taken by my friend Gill Henwood in her garden in the Lake District.

As we herald the unwrapping of Nature as Spring approaches, we have been delighted by, first, the cyclamen and then the snowdrops and winter Iris. Now it is the turn of Daffodil and crocus. So we say Thank You to the bell of Mary as she peals out winter or, should that be, as she ‘nods’ us towards Spring. Gill says the nodding snowdrops remind her of the Hymn, The Lord of the Dance.

Dance then, wherever you may be for I am the Lord of the dance said he.

It has been a joy to see, during the difficult and dark lockdown, the great signs of hope and colour and joy that are being painted by Nature. God is reminding us that we have so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for, no matter what has been plaguing our lives. We should hold on to Captain Tom Moore’s favourite saying – repeated here in Nature –

Tomorrow will be a Good Day.

Below is a collage of spring from Gill’s garden though she is not responsible for the arranging. It may not, therefore be perfect but it is heartfelt. To borrow a phrase from Gill – this is a picture of sheer exuberance and delight.

First, here is a lovely Prayer to Spring by Robert Frost

Please notice the first Cumbrian bee of Spring! tomorrow will be a good day, full of honey!

[Mr G]

One thought on “A Collage of Spring

  1. Hi Geoffrey Beautiful, I saw my first bee the other day lifted my spirits Love Janet xx

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