Hidden Beauty

This photograph was sent to me by my friend Lynn. We are not sure of the origin.

It is an unusual view of an earwig
They may look dull—until they open their wings, shimmering structures that expand 10-fold and lock without the use of muscles. Earwigs are usually reluctant to fly. Unlike most insects, a female earwig is a good mother. She lays 30-50 eggs and protects them through the winter. When they hatch, she feeds and tends the nymphs until they are able to fend for themselves. Despite their name, earwigs are unlikely to venture into a human ear!

Beauty Within

I do not just open myself to anyone.

I am cautious, even afraid that you may judge me

without knowing me.

That’s often the way in the human world too.

Yet, if we but have the patience to sit and go deep,

we meet people clothed in all their rich diversity.

I do not reveal myself  fully,

except to my Maker

and those I trust;

those who will sit still with me,  

who are prepared to wait and take time

to drink in the loveliness of God in me

and maybe so help others see the beauty of God

in themselves and

in you too.

[Mr. G]

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