Flowering of the Cross

Easter Cross at St.Mary-at-Latton, Harlow.
Unfortunately because of lockdown we were unable to display it this year, so here is a view from a previous year.
[Photo: Mr G]

The Flowering of the  Cross

The flowering of the cross has been traced back to the 6th century. It is an especially striking and beautiful way to symbolize the new life that emerges from Jesus’s death on Good Friday.
Traditionally during the Easter Sunday service, the cross is covered with real flowers and draped with a white winding sheet. The entire cross is covered with flowers and is placed prominently at the front of the church to symbolize the new life in our risen Lord to all the worshippers present on Easter Sunday morning.
The contrast between the starkly bare cross that worshippers have seen for 40 days and the living flower cross of Easter Sunday dramatically and visually represents the new life that we are celebrating after witnessing the very instrument of death and endings transformed by Christ’s rising. It’s a symbol where flowers are refreshed regularly to mark the 50 days of Easter.

Lord, You have arisen forever
our hearts!
May the sunrise
Remind us to shine in Your light.

May the caress of a gentle breeze
Remind us of Your compassion.
May the fragrance of a flower
Remind us to blossom in Your love.

May the singing of birds
Bring a song of joy to our lips.
And in the closing of each day
May we remember to quietly pray.

Wherever we are, whatever we do
May our thoughts in joy return to You!

May the power of the cross,
the joy of the resurrection,
and the presence of our risen Lord
be with us all, now and always.

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