Pray for the earth

Lynn Hurry April 2021

These photos were taken in the Vicarage Garden at St. Mary-at-Latton, Harlow by our Vicar, Lynn Hurry.

The young fox is waiting to give birth and knows that she is in a safe place with someone watching over her and giving her food when she is most vulnerable. On this Earth Day (April 22nd) many fine words have been said and gestures made with well-meaning intentions, but it is in Vicarage gardens like this one, where small acts of kindness towards those with whom we share God’s earth’ that huge statements are made. Doing small things with great care for all God’s Creation are special and effective when they are done with great love (as Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say.)


Creator God,
We acknowledge that as your handiwork,
we stand alongside all that you have made.
Trees and rivers, mountains and valleys,
soaring birds and scuttling creatures,
all are held within your care.
May we grow in our love and appreciation
for the fabulous variety around us;
and may our awe and wonder draw us closer
to the natural world, and through it to you,
the God of all things.
We pray in Jesus name,

Revd Cate Williams, Mission and Evangelism Officer
Diocese of Gloucester

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