All creatures welcome revisited.

Vicarage foxes revisited. Photo | Lynn Hurry
A second fox has arrived at Latton Vicarge garden because foxes know where a ready welcome awaits. They are not, however the only guests at the Hotel Splendide for the animals in need of love. Below is ‘Mrs Tiggywinkle’ of Beatrix Potter fame, who on arrival reminded the hotel manager, Lynn: (It was 1am in the morning and the Vicar of Latton was crawling along the lawn clutching her camera!) :
You know what they say: clean feet make friends, dirty feet make a mess.

Ponder that to your heart’s content!

or think about these words by the American poet, Wendell Berry,

The Peace of Wild Things - Wendell Berry | Wendell berry, Meaningful  lyrics, Poetry words

Mr G.

The peace of wild things’, is available as a Penguin book. A reviewer has written of it:
If you stop and look around you, you’ll start to see.Tall marigolds darkening. A spring wind blowing.
The woods awake with sound. On the wooden porch, your love smiling. Dew-wet red berries in a cup.
On the hills, the beginnings of green, clover and grass to be pasture.
The fowls singing and then settling for the night. Bright, silent, thousands of stars.

You come into the peace of simple things.

One thought on “All creatures welcome revisited.

  1. Great pictures and thoughtful words, I often wake in the night and worry about things, this is lovely to read and something I shall keep xx

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