Rosie’s Butterfly

Some time ago, my vicar Lynn gave me a photo of three pigeons sitting on top of the Church roof in a rather posed sort of way.
When I published it, I set a little competition with various categories.
I had a number of entries for each and I’m now publishing the winners.

The painting section  was won by Rosie Cannon aged 10

The poetry section – a poem about pigeons  was won by Kim Herbert

and the  photographic section ,a leaping squirell by Mary Bard.

Each of these have been sent a little prize and over the next few days the winning entries will be published here.

Rosie’s picture is first and she has written this about what a she has painted.
Well done. It’s an amazing painting from a talented 10 year old

Hi !  I’m Rosie and I created this picture because God inspired me to draw and paint a butterfly because he created them and everything in his world .

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