Thwarted !

Photo: Mary Bard


The third winner in my recent competition  – in the photographic section – is my friend, Mary Bard.

Mary wrote:  Here is my entry for your little competition. This squirrel has tried everything to get into my squirrel proof birdfeeder.  The birdfeeder wins every time! (When he puts his weight on the little stands, it pulls a protective wall down so he can’t get at the food.)

The squirrel may not be successful but it’s certainly an action shot worthy of a wildlife competition.
A prayer comes to mind which if the dear squirrel prays it may help in the search to find an alternative food supply.

[Mr. G 23rd July 2021]

One thought on “Thwarted !

  1. Haha I have a similar feeder that closes when the squirrel stands on the perches, the squirrel has been trying for about 6 months and has worked out if he holds onto the tube upside down and not on the perch it stays open, he can scoop some seeds out onto the floor, then he jumps down and eats them if the floor, such a clever little squirrel, I’ve been beaten again, I do actually have a bird proof squirrel feeder, but that is not enough he wants seeds and all 🤣🤣, I don’t mind really it’s been amusing watching him work it out xx

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