Yours Paw-fully

Pagli at play – photo Lynn Hurry

Excuse my not very demure posture but as you see I am rather pre-occupied.

As I hope you realize, this is Pagli, main sponsor of the Mr. G’s  Ponderings Blog

You may not know,- and why should you?-that Mr G. has now been sending out his Ponderings for exactly a year. The very nice people at Word press have kindly relieved him of his manual donation (as he prefers to call it) so many more months to come.
That being so, I have allowed him to take a little time off. Knowing how much you will miss the Ponderings, I gently refused his request for a mini-sabbatical of 2 months. Generously, I have given him a few days off this week and about 4 the following week.

This means that you will be Pondering alone for a short while.

As we reach this important anniversary, I congratulate myself for making it all possible with my threats and encouragement a year ago. I can purr and claw at will so Mr G has worked quite hard to keep the Blog fresh. Of course he’s been helped by a number of friends – Joyce and Gill and Diana and Piers (who is a wiz with the graphics) and Kay and Julia and Beth and very importantly Lynn. Her amazing photographs of foxes, birds, and other animals have introduced us all to the Life of the Vicarage Garden in all its variety.
Lovers of the fox pictures will be pleased to hear that we are planning a book of photos and reflections using some of Lynn’s selection. (she’ll have to wade through hundreds!) You’ll be the first to know when the book is produced.

Mr G always thought that his Blog could be a showcase for others and Joyce’s Tweets and Gill’s Lake District views of hills and flowers have enhanced the Blog. The recent little competition brought contributions of art, poetry and photography. There will be more competitions later.

We look forward to more contributions in the future.

Regular bloggers will be aware that God has played a big role in the Ponderings. That’s both deliberate and also joyous. You should always try to write about what you love and in the love that is given to make that possible. The last year or so has been difficult for all of us and we have been trying to focus on the otherness of our world, the contrasting light and amazing things in our world. Maybe we are learning to appreciate our God-gifted planet more than we ever did. The world of Nature,of creativity, of time for kindness with all seem to feel more real and more precious the more we are living closer to the things that threaten us.

We always need to keep telling ourselves – we are Stewards of the earth not owners. We are given the great work of cherishing all that we have received from our Creator. People might use threats that we shall be accountable and judged and blamed on the ‘day of judgement’ but even if that might be so, we cherish, value and enjoy the creative world around us now  because it makes us more human.; We enjoy and we love more because of it. It isn’t future blame but present delight which should enthuse us.

I hear Mr G waking from his nap now so I must scurry off to love creation a bit more. (Even if that means playing with a toy mouse rather than a real one!)

Blogging will return soon.

Here’s something to think over
It’s from a book of ponderings by Dag Hammerskjold who was General Secretary of the United Nations, until a plane crash took him from us. He was also a devout Christian. This little prayer to God, speaks volumes, especially as we move forward after such a difficult time. It also espresses an aspiration which fires this Blog.

For all that has been thanks;
for all that will be, YES!

Meanwhile pawfully and prayerfully I wish you a renewed vision, much joy and a delightful time.

Pagli – Ji

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