Pooh’s wise advice

Another picture reflection from my friend Joyce Smith

The quotation from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ is such a wise saying that it really needs little explanation.

As we emerge a little from isolation and lockdown, it is tempting to continue to stay in the safety of our own corner but Pooh would wag his paw at that thought.

We shouldn’t just wait for others to visit, email or ring our doorbell. If they don’t it is so easy to complain or think unkind thoughts about those who don’t reach out to us.

Human relationships (and probably cuddly bears too) require us to work at them, to make the effort. Friendship is a two way path.

We have a responsibility to those who care about us, and even more towards those we don’t know so well, to reach out with generous kindness and help people to see they matter.

If we make the effort to ring, write, email or visit we show people that they are special. It helps us too. We are social beings and we need to open not only our doors but also our hearts. Going outwards gives us a new appreciation of ourselves too. Showing love means we have love within us and that should lead us to have gratitude to the One who planted the seed of love within us. God and His love is always there loving us from within.

Don’t hide in a dark corner but embrace God’s love.

Just by leaving your corner and going to others, especially after such a time of isolation, we can share God’s mutual love and, as Pooh might well agree, share a little honey too

Lord, give us the wisdom and the joy
to know your love for us.
Help us to celebrate and share that love with others
and so spread a little honey as well!
Love and Amen.

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