Equinox in Cumbria. This photo, sent to me by my friend Gill Henwood, celebrates the autumn equinox.

This is when the earth tilts on its axis by about 23.4 degrees. During the autumn equinox, the Southern and Northern Hemisphere trade places in receiving the amount of light and warmth from the Sun. This results in the change of the seasons. Hence we begin to celebrate Autumn


Shadow movements
hug and cloak the earth
with crepuscular furtiveness.
Inky blackness shuts out

There are those who draw breath,
embracing stillness;
though for others
night is a time of phantoms, fears,
Not all welcome the changing hues.

But wait!
for that tipping moment
when pinprick stars merge
with a sky-streaked dawn.
Darkness always becomes Light,
Shadows always turn the world.
Light always needs darkness
for it to dazzle anew
with a radiance so bold,
our spirits soar.

GC August 15th 2018 

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