Pausing in solitude

Another offering from my friend, Joyce Smith

In various forms, the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words, holds a truth. One carefully taken photo can hold us spellbound, our hearts touched.
Joyce Smith’s offering here, of a Grey Heron, pausing in solitude among the beauty of autumn colours is one of those photographs.

It stills us and invites us to sit, pause from whatever we are doing or from things that worry or make us anxious. This can move us into a prayer pause. We let God touch our lives and remind us that whatever is occupying our thoughts, God is holding us.
Change the direction of our thoughts and we will know this. The Heron seems to be sure.

All this photo needs is a prayer. Here is one by George Appleton.
It is one of my favourites.


O Spirit of God,
set at rest the crowded, hurrying, anxious thoughts
within our minds and hearts.
Let the peace and quiet of thy presence
take possession of us.
Help us to rest, to relax,
to become open and receptive to thee.
Thou dost know our imost spirits,
the hidden unconscius life within us,
the forgotten memories of hurts and fears,
the frustrated desires,
the unresolved tensions and dilemmas.
Cleanse and sweeten the springs of our being,
that freedom, life and love
may flow into both our conscious and hidden life.
Lord, we lie open before thee,
waiting for thy peace,
thy healing,
thy word.

[Mr G]  with thanks to Joyce.

P.S. St Bruno was the founder of the religious order known as the Carthusians

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