Caring for our Habitat

Underpinning COP26 with Prayer.

Bishop Guli, the new Bishop pf Chelmsford, offers us this prayer.

God, who is both Father and Mother, 
In whom we have our beginning and our end,
We give thanks for the wonder of your creation,
For the beauty of the universe,
And for all that lives on earth.

We pray that the redeeming grace of your son Jesus Christ 
Would draw us ever closer to his likeness;
So that we might be good stewards,
Caring for our habitat,
And living as those who are part of it rather than exercising power over it.

Give us courage to transform our prayers into meaningful action;
And by the fire of your Holy Spirit
Sustain the world, 
And everything in it.  


The Rt Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani
Bishop of Chelmsford
1 November 2021.

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