Hope rises from the ashes

The old earthquake damaged Cathedral at Christchurch, New Zealand
and below The vista looking east, of the temporary cardboard Cathedral [G H]

Thoughts in Holy Week
from the Revd Dr Gill Henwood

My phone chose a Christchurch photo this morning for me. Herewith the damaged cathedral (Photo taken 2020) and the temporary one made with cardboard roof struts I believe.

The white chairs installation (see below) is for the 185 who died in the earthquake- all different chairs, all unique people. Freshly repainted and evocative, in the cleared wasteland around the temporary cathedral.

Loss, hope, death, resurrection, darkness, bright sunlight and blue sky. Juxtaposed. Past. And now….

Nearby was a war memorial for NZ troops in the world wars. Next to it was a smaller memorial for people lost in 1919 by the Spanish Flu epi/pandemic.
Today, all these losses resonate in Europe and also globally, keenly, acutely, in the present. 

As we approach Jerusalem in Holy Week once more, may God give strength to all who are suffering and bereaved in our world now – through natural disasters, war and pandemic – to endure and trust that in Love there is a better way. We are ‘keening’ (mourning and lamenting) worldwide, drawn into the reality of suffering and death in the timeless journey of Holy Week.

May each one – in time, with others, together – find hope and, as the Light of Christ comes in the darkness of Easter Eve. May each glimpse even the possibility of solace and, one day, the renewing recreating joy of resurrection.

Gill Henwood

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