Into your hands

photo from Joyce Smith

My friend Joyce has sent me her latest  Photo Tweet.

The little bird may seem to be a far cry from the Crucifixion of Jesus but the photo expresses something fundamental about God’s message to us on Good Friday.This little bird exudes Trust in God.
There is a certain still confidence that she is being held in the love of God, who silently but surely is holding her in the cleft of the wood—in the cleft of God’s love, which is the at the heart of wood of the
She is held securely by God.  And so are we.

A prayer poem by Ladislaus Boros, reflecting on the Crucifixion of Jesus, tells us
why we can be certain of God’s  deep love from us.


“Behold the wood of the cross on which hung the Saviour of the world:
come, let us adore him.”

This is what the Church sings during the Good Friday liturgy.

Before the mystery of his death on the cross,
we must fall silent.
Only adoration remains.
This fundamental letting go,
in the presence of God
is already adoration.

Not simply deep adoration
but the deepest possible.

Such adoration is like
pure light, clean air.
Through it breathes
unshakeable trust.

It comes from the conviction
that despite all difficulties
we are held in the hands of God.
As Jesus said in his last moments:
‘Father, into thy hands,
I commend my sprit.

(Ladislaus Boros; Breaking through to God)

It is easy to believe that from its position of trust, our little bird is adoring God who loves
her. Jesus on the Cross tells us the same. Come, let us adore Him.

[Mr G]

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