Earth rising.

Earth Day 2022

“In honour of Earth Week this week, Sister Ruth Johnson of the Sisters of Providence in Indiana, USA  shares the poem below that she wrote to reverence Earth. The Sisters are a community of Roman Catholic women religious (vowed sisters).

The Sisters of Providence  of St Mary-of-the-woods live out Jesus’ radical Gospel message by dedicating their lives to love, mercy and justice. They collaborate with others to create a more just and hope-filled world through prayer, education, service and advocacy.

Earth Rising.

Sometimes I hear voices
rising from the Earth
warm words – sounds
that resonate and flutter
leaves rustling growing
green thoughts from the soil

It is alive and clings to us
in ways we have forgotten
It’s self-giving and
“belonging” ring no more
as it once did
it cries in need of
it pleads for us in all the ways it can

When the Earth speaks
it speaks in tones for
all that grows within and without
it springs from well-being
it speaks to all who
have discovered the
words to live by
it speaks in a language
that only those who
have risen to its voice
can understand
it lives through their
response and when they
forget their birthright
It speaks for itself

[Sister Ruth 22nd April 2022]

# Sister Ruth and her Community
have given permission for this poem to be shared with others.

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