For Ukraine

Prayer for …..

Prayer for Ukraine
written by Ruth Howes.

Heavenly Father,
at this time we feel so helpless over the situation in Ukraine. 
When we hear of the terrible atrocities that are being pounded upon this Sovereign State
we can hardly believe our ears or believe our eyes. 
When we hear about the attitude of Mr Putin,
we find it incredulous that in this day and age,
such evil can be found in one man. 

We can only put our trust in you,
we can only pray to you
and we can only hope that this situation will soon be over
through your intervention. 
We pray for the many, many civilians who have been affected by this invasion. 
We also pray for those who have lost their lives and have been thrown into mass graves. 
May their souls all now be with you in your kingdom.

[Ruth Howes]

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