I will sing of the greatness of the Lord.

31st May. Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth. Coptic style icon.

My soul magnifies the Lord.

A meditation on the Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary to her cousin, Elizabeth. Mother of John the Baptist, with special reflection on the ‘Magnificat’.(Luke 1: 39-56)
This meditation was part of last year’s  offering for Advent & Christmas by our friend, Joyce Smith.

We were both blooming
in the joy of our pregnancies.
I was carrying the forerunner,
and Mary carried the Anointed One.

We  had so much to share,
we were  both so excited,
and yet fearful
at the same time.

Yet, in all the ups and downs
Mary couldn’t keep from singing.

She sang of the greatness of the Lord;
that he had chosen her to bear his Son,
who would change the world;

This would be no empty political promise,
of levelling up and giving out
meagre benefits.

Mary’s Son,
God’s Son,
really would reach out
to everyone;
seeking justice
and fairness for all.

He would give
priority to the poorest and weakest;
standing on the edge
with the powerless
and disenfranchised.

Mary, my cousin,
sang her song,
which will stand
for all generations.

Who will sing it now?
Who will listen?
Who will act?

[Joyce Smith]

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