Spiritual sparks flew

photo copyright to Gabriel Pollard

Pentecost (Spiritual sparks flew)

They heard it, 
a distant rumble like thunder clearing throat
for some announcement,
an important cosmic moment perhaps?

Sky storm-dark, twists and spirals,
trembles as clouds are seared open,
rent asunder.
Thunder claps gleefully.

Wind blowing, strength growing, 
Growling, rushing towards its destiny.
It comes.

She comes,
To stir up lives.
Celestial expectancy
melds with devoted self-offering.

They gather.
They wait.

A sudden, violent cacophony of sound,
Wrenching, twisting, gyring.

Then heaven opened its treasures,
tongues of fire, cascading down.
Dervish flame, whirling ecstatically through the sky.
Descending, anointing,
love flowing into lives gathered for meaning.
Commissioned. Sent out.
Spirit filled joy-givers proclaim Jesus, bright God.

And so, spiritual sparks flew. *

[Mr. G. 6.6.2022]

*this phrase was suggested to me by an article I once read by Bishop Richard Harris.

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