Strawberry squirrel

photo: Lynn Hurry

Squirrels – a reflection from my friend Lynn Hurry

I’ve been thinking about squirrels lately because they keep nicking the vicarage strawberries and they don’t even mind if they are still green,  as seen in the photo above.
A lot of people don’t like them, but I love them!  We call them ’Tree Monkeys’ here at the vicarage and delight in watching their playful antics.

I Have watched them in our garden for years burying all sorts of things they find to eat, not least acorns and peanuts.
And I’ve often wondered if they ever, for a moment, stop to think about their little acorn and wonder if it might turn into a tree at some point.
I doubt it! But there was one acorn that got away when the squirrel forgot where he had buried it. It’s well on the way to being a large oak tree now in our garden.

When I’m in the garden I often praise God for creation and the joy it brings and I think that squirrels can become reminders to us to spend more time in nature. 

The spiritual writer Thomas à Kempis wrote :
“Every creature can be a mirror of life and a book of heavenly teaching.”

I reckon for sure they can become a window to glimpse a bit of the divine and I’m sure God was smiling when he made squirrels!


the squirrel is a busy guy, 
too occupied to to stop 
or wave 
or even say hi! – 

always on the move 
in a very focused searching groove – 
up the tree, down the tree, 
scamper here and there, 
bushy tail alive itself 
flagging everywhere! 

Harlan Simantel

One thought on “Strawberry squirrel

  1. Hi I love squirrels too, such clever little creatures, I have a special bird proof squirrel feeder, although they do still pinch the bird food 🤦‍♀️, we also gave a dove cote which has never seen a dove, but the squirrels have made a dray in there on 2 occasions and we have had the pleasure of baby squirrels which are very cute, there is a nest made this year but haven’t seen any sign of babies so possibly been disturbed and gone elsewhere xx

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