Lifting our eyes to the hills

Photo: Gill Henwood.

This amazing view was photographed by my friend, Gill.

Gill writes ~~ This photo of the beautiful Lake District hills and the breathtaking sunset, at nearly 10pmHelvellyn range to the right, with Fairfield Horseshoe silhouette
Gods glory setting our hearts aflame anew, at Petertide.
Blessings outpoured in the heavens. Gx

Once again we look to God’s Grandeur expressed through his creation.
It is full of energy and yet stillness. The earth is quietening itself, drawing breath at the end of a busy day. God is holding it in the palm of His hand.

We too are held and Psalm 121 comes to mind, which begins :
I lift up my eyes to the hills; from where is my help to come?
It continues and we discover it is a Psalm of trust. Very firmly the Psalmist weaves a picture which places us confidently in God’s hands.
As the psalm unfolds we both appeal to God and we see us how God responds.
Written way back in time, it has a resonance today especially in this time when we and the world are in a vulnerable place. 

It is worth meditating on the Psalm slowly looking at the photo and letting God speak to us through them.


1    I lift up my eyes to the hills;  ♦
from where is my help to come?

2    My help comes from the Lord,  ♦
the maker of heaven and earth.

3    He will not suffer your foot to stumble;  ♦
he who watches over you will not sleep.

4    Behold, he who keeps watch over Israel  ♦
shall neither slumber nor sleep. 

5    The Lord himself watches over you;  ♦
the Lord is your shade at your right hand,

6    So that the sun shall not strike you by day,  ♦
neither the moon by night.

7    The Lord shall keep you from all evil;  ♦
it is he who shall keep your soul.

8    The Lord shall keep watch over your going out
and your coming in,  ♦
from this time forth for evermore.

Psalm text is from Common Worship: Daily Prayer, material from which is included here,
is copyright © The Archbishops’ Council 2005 and published by Church House Publishing.
used under terms of agreement.

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