Praying for Ukraine’s future

Sunflower field in Lviv, Ukraine. Image credit, Getty

Ukraine sunflowers
According to an entry in the 1993 Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Spaniards brought sunflowers from the New World to Europe in the early 17th century. The flowers were subsequently introduced in Ukraine in the mid-18th century and it was adopted as the National Flower. It has also been adopted throughout the world as a symbol of the love, support and prayer for the people of Ukraine. The Sunflower’s brightness and joy is a heartfelt expression of hope for the children of Ukraine.

Increasingly more and more children are suffering, becoming injured, dying or made orphans. As usual it is the innocent who pay such a great price for what human beings do to each other. They are the victims of demonic activity in our world and they need or love and support the most. They are God’s sunflowers and the hope for God’s future. President Zelensky not only recognizes this but also, that it is they for whom the nation of Ukraine must fight and must care for. This is his recent posting.

Below that is a prayer inspired by the children of Linton URC Church England.

Loving God,
We see the pictures on the news, we hear the stories in the playground;
What’s happening in the Ukraine is scary and we don’t know what to think or do.
We know it’s happening in other places too, places like the Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine.
So much fighting, so much bullying and injustice, so much to understand.
But you are with your children, no matter where they are, so we know we can talk to you.
Be with the people of Ukraine and everywhere where there’s fighting.
Be with the babies, the children, the young people when they are afraid or anxious.
Give strength to the people who love them and help them.
Give courage to those who stand up to oppression and speak out for peace.
Touch the hearts of those who are threatening others and teach them a better way to be.
Jesus taught us that your way is the way of love and of peace.
Help us to trust in your way, and to do our bit to act in your way wherever we can,
Loving others and being peacemakers in our own small corner of the world.


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