Take your Ease

Photo of me taken by ‘uncle’ Andy.

It is two years, in mid-August, since Mr G began his ponderings.
As those who followed the Ponderings at that time will know, it was an idea of mine and I became the Patron.
I lead an especially busy life so I haven’t been able to write to you as much as I would have liked but I have always been around to give Mr. G my wise advice. He has sometimes taken it!
I have been  purr-fully delighted that so many of you now follow the articles, photos and thoughts not only of Mr. G but some of his friend.

Sadly we lost one of our dear friends, Joyce, recently. She brought us such pleasure with her photos and reflections. Mr. G is going to reproduce some of them in the early autumn.
Many of us have enjoyed the antics of the Latton Foxes. For this we thank our Vicar Lynn not only about the foxes but all the menagerie that occupy the Latton Vicarage grounds.
Another regular contributor has been Mr. G’s friend, Gill Henwood. We have been able to catch something of the brooding joy of the Lake District as well as accompanying Gill on her jaunts around Europe. Mr G told me that her trip to Prague around the Christmas season. It was a truly magical experience for him as. Through Gill’s reflections, he revisited some favourite haunts in that great city.
Piers the Poet as we like to call him has contributed a number of wonderful poems and I am sure there is more to come.
Others have added their contributions and this is fulfilling Mr. G’s aim of encouraging people to share the Blog and enrich it with their own take on things.
Thank you for all who have contributed and those who follow. It is much appreciated.

Now Mr G has agreed to take a short break from the Blog but will be back very soon so don’t go too far away. As his patron and really his ‘boss’ I have agreed to pay his usual wages whilst he goes swanning  around I know not where. He says he is doing research for further Blog items. We wait and see!
Meanwhile, I shall have a little rest myself as you see from the photo above.

You must try and do the same.

I offer you this little prayer to help you chill out in the Lord.

Yours purrfully
A friend to all my ‘servants’

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