Red Glory

Photo Gill Henwood

Red Glory – Autumn notes from the Lake District.
Photo of Bramble by my Friend, Gill Henwood.

“Brambles here are stunning this year, after a bumper blackberry harvest in the fells
along hedgerows and dry stone wall verges.
More brambles will be seeded everywhere by the birds
… our Labrador has become expert at softly picking the low berries,
without a mouthful of prickles.
No doubt wildlife do the same (or wait till the berries drop). ” [Gill]

Late summer swelling on bramble vine 
feeds jam-makers and pie-bakers
and early winged treat-finders.
Then October rain comes
sliding over reddening leaves,
dripping from purpling boughs 
onto dank grass preparing for sleep.
Thorns creep slowly into winter mist
waiting to enfold in silence
until new growth comes.

The work is done.
Or is it!

[Mr G]

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