Autumn Confetti

Autumn leaves falling as nature’s confetti, photographed by Gill Henwood.
As the year turns with the adjusting of our time clocks, Gill reflects.

Confetti, as the clocks go back

Scarlet startled me on the step,
Stopped me in my hurried tracks
to shelter from the rain storm.
Summer green hid below the exposed
upper canopy of spreading layers
still warm, still calm, still lush.

Flames ripped along leaves clinging
to the fine slender branches,
Autumn fires engulfed the dancers
spangling gold, orange, vermilion
Overwhelming viridian vigour.
Ruby shining leaves fell in their final
whirl to carpet the cold slate steps.
Clear water washing them away
sprinkled with rose petals

A christening of confetti
For their grave. Yet…
Resurrection will come
with the snowdrops.

[Gill Henwood]

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