Black Beck

Black Beck. Lake District.
A winter reflection by Gill Henwood.

A pair of Dippers are patrolling the Beck,
calling as they fly individually up and down their territory.
One was in the water, dipping under the surface seeking grubs.
On a frosty morning the water was above freezing,
still providing a late breakfast.

The low sun had warmed the mist which formed from the Beck
and Esthwaite Water,
clouding over the frozen earth,
until light broke through. 

Light and warmth,
water and ice cold frost,
elements of God’s glorious winterscapes.

The birds are increasing their activity
but still have to shelter through the storms
and survive the harsh times.
The sun’s warmth promises new life,
heralds the coming of Spring.

It’s only a fortnight to St Brigid’s Day!
and the snowdrops are readying to open their scented
upturned-lily bells.

take heart –
the Light of the World is shining through the mists and storms…

Gill x
(Photo also by Gill)

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