Pray for Syria and Turkey

Photo from Christian Aid UK

A Prayer for the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal

God of time and space,
we cry to you for your children – our neighbours

– in southern Turkey and northern Syria,
following the earthquake that has devastated hundreds of lives.
Only they and you know what it is like to experience

such trauma in the middle of the night. 

We give thanks for the aid that is already being given
and for the promises of help that have been made by many nations. 

Comfort, we pray, 

those who are trapped in collapsed buildings; 
those who have lost loved ones; 
those who wait for news and 
those digging through rubble to save others. 

Grant the gift of hope
so that those caught between life and death know that you are with them
and that others are ready to support them
as they seek a future that overshadows the experiences of today. 

We ask this in the Name of Jesus,
who endured so much for love of them. 


If you are unable to pray the prayer for somereason, please look at the candle and make it your prayer.

from the CEO of Christian Aid…

  • On Monday 6 February, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit in southern Turkey close to the border with northern Syria. A second 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck nine hours later, followed by aftershocks.
  • Thousands of men, women and children have died or been injured in the aftermath of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. It is not too late to save lives. Christian Aid is already working with partners in north-west Syria to provide winter kits to people seeking shelter.
  • Even before this devastating earthquake, there were more than 4 million people in need of aid in north-west Syria. 
  • Nearly 3 million people have been displaced by the long conflict in Syria, 80% of whom are women and children.  
  • Now extreme weather events and the spiralling costs of food and fuel due to ongoing conflicts are making the situation even worse.  
  • People are facing a crisis on crisis.  

The scenes from this disaster are heartbreaking. And even before this devastating earthquake, we knew over four million people needed aid in Northwest Syria alone. We are hopeful that the British public will show the same spirit of solidarity and compassion that we saw in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine a year ago. Every prayer, every gift, every action brings hope to people hit by disaster. By joining us, you can help people in need rebuild their lives.

Patrick Watt

Please make a donation

You can do this in the United Kingdom through the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) which is a joint response of all the Aid Charities. You can donate through your usual Aid Charity such as Red Cross, Christian Aid, Cafod. The money will reach those who need it. If you are reading this outside the United Kingdom, please look for the DEC equivalent or contact your local Red Cross.

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