There will be a slight delay.

Photo of Daffodils in the Lake District by Gill Henwood

These Daffodils were ready to greet Spring when the weather changed. As in North America and Canada and in much of Europe it has not been a great week for the weather here in the United Kingdom, especially in the West and North of England, Wales and Scotland.This photo by my friend Gill should help to keep us focussed on the Spring to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve written a short poem:

Slight delay

There will be a slight delay.
Swirling gyre of wild, wind -tossed storm,
Angry voices demand a hearing.
You prefer not to be silenced !

You were unexpected.
Our hospitality was found wanting.
We were dressed for other visitors,
our spring-like colours,
green, yellow, crisp white
a tinge of orange,
were wasted on you.

As we hurriedly tried to close our door,
and fold our petals,
you crashed your wild cacophany  into us.
We feared the worst, but fretful snow,
landing shakily in the turbulence
of a temper-tantrum of whirling sound ,
came hastily, flake by flake,
until we were safe and warm
and waiting
for that moment soon  when we will trumpet
joyful  Spring.

Mr G
10th March 2-23

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