Work in Progress

‘Work in Progress’ by Kay Gibbons: a Good Friday reflection in glass

My artist friend Kay sent me photos of an arrangement she produced today, created with pieces of glass remnants.
Glass is one of her particular mediums.

They were placed slightly haphazardly but Kay saw that, as they sat in pieces on her work table a shape formed which was deeply suggestive to her of the Crucifixion.  She commented,

“I wasn’t sure how to refine them but as they sat in pieces on my work table, I actually like the way they are, symbolic of the jagged edge of the crucifixion …”

There are two images, one unedited and quite raw and the other more presentational surrounded with traditional purple edging, a bit likea greetings card of sorts.

She is a fan of T S Eliot and so a line from East Coker (Four Quartets) came to mind:

“And they called this Friday good …

The art is still evolving and revealing its meaning so Kay calls it a Work in Progress.

She reflects that this is true of the Crucifixion too.
As people discover for themselves its meaning and  how it challenges, shapes and changes lives, so they are part of a ‘work in progress’. Each of us who engages with Jesus and with the immense and unconditional love of God pouring from the Cross, become caught up more and more in a life of joy, purposefulness and glory. So , Work in Progress’ is also a way of describing the Work of God in drawing all of us into His Kingdom.

and Jesus said, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12: 32

[Mr. G.]

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