For Ireland and for us.


Almighty God, you call us into a common fellowship of solidarity and love;
as we remember the signing of the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement twenty five years ago,
and reflect on the hopes and disappointments of the intervening years;
draw near to us, and move us to work for peace and justice in the world around us;
in the name of him who is the Prince of Peace,
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Almighty God, we long for the time when your kingdom shall come on
earth: when people and nations shall acknowledge your sovereignty,
seek your glory, and serve your good and righteous will.
Help us not only to pray but also to work for that new day;
and enable us by your grace to promote the cause of justice and peace,
truth and freedom, both in our own society and in the life of the world;
for the honour of Christ, our Saviour and our Lord.

Christ in the heart of the wounded,
Christ in the hands of the comforter,
Christ in our forgiveness,
Christ in our love for the enemy
Christ in our carrying for those who harm us
Christ in how we live day to day.

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