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Our Lord’s Cross brings hope and joy.

Photo of her garden by Joyce Smith

Another picture reflection by my friend Joyce Smith. The quotation from Pope Francis centres our thoughts on the Celtic Cross on the right. She makes this comment:

Dear Friends,
This quote from Pope Francis, reminds us that God is with us in all our dark days
and as signs of Spring are beginning to show, and the days are becoming lighter and longer, we have the sure hope of
the Light of Christ triumphing over darkness.

With my love and prayers, God bless,

P.S. can you also see the hope that Southampton FC will begin to return to winning ways in the picture?!!

For those not familiar with the English obsession with football (Soccer) many of the fans dress in their Team colours and tend to behave with charismatic-like evangelical fervour. They don’t, however look like garden-gnomes. Well, not all of them.! [Mr G]

The Greening Power of Spring comes ever near

Another lovely Tweet from my friend Joyce Smith. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Dear Friends,

It’s now getting lighter in the mornings and the birdsong is great to hear.
During my hour’s birdwatch last week I saw robins, blue tits, great tits, starlings, blackbirds and wood pigeons – all competing with the squirrels! At other times a wren sang beautifully on my fence and a crowd of long tailed twists twittered on the bird feeders. I guess some of you saw more than I did?

This starling and wood pigeon were a display of being in unity and sharing together. Joyce

A note about Hildegard of Bingen by Matthew Fox who said this about her in his book Original Blessing.

Hildegard was one of the “great creation-centered mystics of the West.” This multitalented and prolific abbess of a Benedictine abbey was an influential preacher, healer, scientist, composer, theologian, artist, and poet. She coined the term viriditas, or greening power, connecting it closely with creativity.