They made it!

The arrival of the Magi, art and reflection by my friend Kay Gibbons

They made it !

What a surprise to turn around and see such finery at the stable door!

Not a cow or an ass but a regal looking guy and his mates( a bit tired and dusty in the starry light) offering gold, no less, and other Christmas smellies – a welcome gift to the Holy family in what must have been a bit of a pongy place!

Sometimes our journey to the stable is long, tiring and we sometimes questions , ‘are we nearly  there yet?’
Are we following the right star? Or the right path over the sand dunes? What if He’s not there when we get there?!

Our journeys are often punctuated with many ‘ what ifs’. The 3 ‘Kings’ got there and so can we and the King in the crib will be as happy and as delighted to see us as though we are a gift of gold- even if we feel the gift of ourselves is as small as a pair of Christmas socks!!

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