Winter Fell

The Langdale Pikes, from a ridge above Tarn Hows. Tom Heights is the ridge in the foreground. 
English Lakes World Heritage Site. photographed by my friend, Gill Henwood

Winter Fell

Mountain rock dons winter coat
of dank, limp-wristed trees,
shivering  black shadows on gaunt landscape.
Forbidding icy grip, peppered with
Angel-dust of powdery snow.

Strangely beautiful!
welcoming in odd majestic way.

Clouds furls round,
scudding  over mountain peaks,
kissing summits,  caressing valleys.
Breathtaking! blue-streaked
fissures of sky.

Nature senses God’s nearness
enfolding Creation
turning the earth
towards the light and promise
of renewed life

In this cold and icy Winter,
He turns us too.

[Poem by Mr. G ]

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