‘Bethlehem’ at the Basilica of St Peter & St Paul, Prague. Photo by Gill Henwood

My friend Gill Henwood is joining the people of Prague as they wait to celebrate the birth of the Christ –Child at Christmas. Here are some photos she has sent of the crib scene in the basilica of St. Peter & St Paul.
When I first visited Prague in 1993 the churches were only just being restored after the ravages of communism, and the celebration of Christmas was less exuberant.
Gill writes…

Greetings from Prague! and  SS Peter & Paul Basilica ‘Bethlehem’, as they call their crib scenes.
This is the only one seen so far with the manger waiting for the birth of the Christ child in the dark night of Christmas Eve. We have noticed that the wise men are accompanied by an elephant (and a camel, usually), which is a new thought for our crib scenes at home!
Families bring little children to see, and hear the story. School groups seem to be taken to visit too. There are fewer tourists this year, so local people are much in evidence, enjoying their beautiful city.

There are two very lifelike shaggy sheep by the Charles Bridge with just an angel, each made from hay and straw. Perhaps they’re being rounded up!

Photos : Gill Henwood

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