Who waits for whom?

My friend Gill has sent me more photos of Prague getting ready for Christmas. As Christmas approaches there is a build up of excitement in many places. We wait to celebrate, yet again, the Christ-child.
We wait, but perhaps we need to ask ourselves. Who waits for whom?
Here is a prayer adapted from the renowned Dutch theologian and poet, Huub Oosterhuis, who takes a different view and suggests that it is God who is waiting for us. ‘

Here’s a prayer he wrote. Try to pray it and see what insight it brings.

You wait for us
until we are open to you.
We wait for your word
to make us receptive.

Attune us to your voice
to your silence,
Speak and bring your Son to us –
Jesus, the word of your peace.
Your word is near,
O Lord our God
your grace is near.

Come to us, then,
with mildness and power.
Do not let us be deaf to you,
but make us receptive and open
to Jesus Christ your Son,
who will come to look for us and save us
today and every day
for ever and ever.

You, God, arouse faith in our hearts,
whoever we are.
You know and accept  all your people,
whatever their thoughts are of you.
Speak to the world, then, your word,
Come with your heaven among us,
give to good and to bad your Son,

For ever and ever.

Huub Oosterhuis (adapted)

photos of Prague by Gill Henwood

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