Kite in flight

Phto: Lynn Hurry

This photo of a Kite soaring high in the sky over Norfolk was sent to me by my friend, Lynn Hurry.

It’s majestic  and breathtaking in a seemingly effortless pose as it rides on the wind. Sheer freedom.
Lynn adds this comment:

The Kite resembles our hope and desire to be caught by God’s love and lifted to heights unimaginable.

Quite an exciting January thought when so often our spirits are dampened by the darkness and by the cold.
Here’s a prayer reflection from Piers

God our Creator,
As the kite rides the thermals
soaring high above us,
eyes scanning the vast majesty of creation,
So, by the breath of your Spirit
lift us high to soar heavenward,
our vision wide and expansive
with fresh perspectives.
Help the eyes of our souls
to pierce through the shrouding
mists and troubles of this world
and there see hope and goodness,
and, as the kite stretches wings
to catch the rising warmth,
so help us to stretch our arms wide
with the uplift of your love.


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