The Camel’s Story

The Camel’s story of the journey carrying the wise men to pay homage to Jesus.,
as told to my friend Joyce Smith.

Like the donkey,
we camels are often
left out of the story;
it gives us the hump!

The journey
was long and exhausting,
but when we glimpsed
the walls of Jerusalem,
we thought we had arrived.

A king would surely
be born in the palace,
and we could rest in
lovely comfortable stables!

But Herod was even
grumpier than we were
when our masters told him
we were seeking
a newborn king.

The priests and scribes
searched their sacred books
and found that
Bethlehem was what had
been foretold by the prophets.

And so we carried on,
guided by the star;
determined not to let
Herod’s scheming
thwart our purpose.

The road ahead might be hard,
but we would keep
carrying our masters
until we found 
the newborn king.

When we arrived,
our loads were lightened
as our masters
slid off our backs.

But that wasn’t all;
as we knelt
before the baby,
it felt as if
all our burdens
had been lifted.

[Joyce Smith]

Inspired by Matthew 2: 3-9
there, ahead of them, went the star that they had seen at its rising.

*** Camel borrowed from ‘fit to be loved’ blog

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