February Carpet

Snowdrop carpet photographed by my friend, Gill Henwood

Lakeland carpet thoughts :

Seven years on… the old snowdrops have drifted for a hundred years or more. Now cleared of overgrowth (though brambles will keep growing due to the seeds in the ground), they are a dancing carpet – here in the gentle February rain.

The sticks mark an edge so we don’t tread on the shoots…

In the dell meadow beyond, we’ve planted a black walnut tree and a hornbeam, both native. The grass is full of old wood anemones running through it (creeping a little further each year, now they have some light).

Joy in wet mid February!


tiptoes across a winter landscape,
dressed in white array,
luring us away from cold depression 
of dark, dank January,
with dazzling brightness;
promising the hope of
Spring beyond.

Ah! What trembling beauty
lays a carpet of expectant joy!

[Mr G. February 22nd 2023]

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