for love of Ukraine and Ukrainians

Durham Cathedral floodlit in Ukraine’s colours, joins many churches, cathedrals, public buildings in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, February 24th, 2023

Many churches are holding prayer vigils on the anniversary of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine  with contributions from Ukrainian refugees, choirs and other members of the community.

The services are being arranged as the Government announced a national moment of silence at 11am today in solidarity with Ukraine.

In rural as well as urban areas, parishes where families are hosting Ukrainian refugees will open their doors for prayer, reflection and music to mark the anniversary.

A prayer for Ukrainian Refugees in our countries.

Dear Lord, you blessed us with new life
by crossing the borders of heaven and moving into our neighbourhood.

Your parents fled with you from violence,
carrying you in their arms in hope-filled fear.
We still our hearts:
help us know you are with us, making your home in us,

being yourself, in the presence of us being fully ourselves.
We act for justice and mercy:
help us see in those we host, and those who welcome us,
your image, valuable beyond words,
and your blessing that will bring new life.


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